Eight of The Best Realistic Gifts For Book Lovers That AREN’T Books | Bookish Gift Guide 2021

Shopping for a book lover this holiday season? I’ve compiled a list of ten items book lovers will love to receive! This list also showcases ways to help your independent bookstores this holiday season. Feel free to add to my list in the comments!


1. An Audiobook Service: Libro.Fm

2. Book Sleeves

3. Headphones

4. A Gift Card to your Local Independent Bookstore

5A. TBR Cart

5B. Magnets for the Cart

Read All Night Book Cart Magnet  Bookish Book Club Gift  image 1
A mint green metal cart with a galaxy magnet that says READ ALL NIGHT. (Source: My Secret Copy: Read All Night Book Cart Magnet on Etsy)

6. Reading Light

7. Bookish Mug

8. Bookish Tapestry


Blind Date With a Book

Yes, this is a book but it’s a surprise, too! You can create this yourself by buying a book, wrapping it for the person you’re gifting, and write a few buzzwords about the book. You can find these at your local bookstore or even on Depop and Etsy!

Add To Cart Black Friday GIF by Stefanie Shank

Did this post help you with your holiday shopping?

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