Frequently Asked Questions

Often, I get questions or direct messages with these questions. So, I created this page for you to check if your question has already been answered before reaching out to me. I want to preface that I don’t mind getting DMs about books you’re reading because of me or videos you enjoyed, etc. You may interact with me, but do remember that it is important to respect my space and my boundaries to help me cultivate a safe environment online.

What is your YouTube channel about?

On my channel, I review and share queer and trans books specifically YA contemporaries. If there’s hockey or a sports theme, I’m more likely to pick it up. Occasionally I read like to read non-fiction, middle grade, and graphic novels. But overall, I like (and prioritize) reading books from marginalized voices.

What does your username mean?

Aside from reading, I’m a big hockey fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. Thus, Pucksandpaperbacks is a combination of my love for hockey and books!

How did you know you were transgender & can I ask you more about your experience?

I came out as transgender in 2019 on YouTube. But, being trans *isn’t* all of me and it’s not something I openly talk about. I do have a few videos talking about being trans. But, I ask that you refrain from asking me any questions about my identity out of respect. Below I have linked my video about how I chose my name.

How can I respect your boundaries?

I have a whole post on Instagram and a video about my boundaries. Click the links to go to them!

Will you read and review my book?

I’m very selective with what I review since I do work a job aside from my content creation. However, I’m open to reviewing books but they *must* meet my criteria. I ask that you read my Review Policy before requesting a review from me! I deny most requests if they are outside of my preferred genres.

How can I support your content?

Since my channel is currently ineligible for monetization, I have a Patreon where you can pledge $1 to join my bi-monthly LGBTQ+ book club, a private Discord where we chat and I host monthly watch parties. However, sharing and engaging with my content (like, comment, subscribe & share) is free and it helps my channel grow more!

Can I send you a book?

Yes, I have an Amazon wishlist you can use to buy me a book or anything on that list.

Can I buddy read a book with you?

To be completely honest, I rarely do buddy reads. My life is chaotic enough and it’s hard for me to commit to a buddy read. If you want to recommend me a book, you can send me a DM on Twitter, Instagram, or my email!

I love your videos! Can we be friends?  

I’m so glad my videos are something you enjoy and brighten your day. However, please remember that you don’t know me. You only know what I perceive online. I can’t be friends with everyone and do not want to cross a boundary between viewer and friend. If you’re a Booktuber who I know and have talked to and/or been in collaborations (readathons, videos, etc.), then yes, please reach out to me. I’m totally fine with creators befriending me and inviting me to live streams, readathons, collabs, etc! However, I ask that anyone consuming my content and following me treat me with respect and kindness. I love answering your messages about books, talking with my patrons in Discord, and answering comments. I’m not saying to stop engaging with me or talking to me, but to reflect on what you say and how.

If you want to make more bookish friends, consider joining my Patreon where we read a queer book every other month of the year and I have a private Discord where you can meet other bookish people from around the world. We also have monthly Watch Parties on Discord which is another activity you can join.

Can you recommend me a book?

I can’t recommend everyone a book. But, I do offer Personalized Book Recommendations occasionally on my Patreon. However, I have tons of Book Rec videos to help you find a new favorite! Click here.

Will you make a video on….?

Want to suggest a video for me to make? I have a form you can fill out!

What equipment do you use?

I film with the Canon EOS REBEL T5i & EF-S18-55mm lens. I’ve had it since 2014-2015, and love it!

For audio, I mainly use a clip-on mic. I edit all of my videos and thumbnails with Adobe Creative Studio. I edit my videos with Premiere Pro and Photoshop.