Where To Find Queer Books With Good Rep

Having a hard time finding queer books and don’t know where to start? This post has you covered.

Welcome to the first guest episode of my podcast, Reader Rambles – a weekly podcast for book lovers where I ramble about bookish topics and help readers navigate life. In today’s episode, I brought on my friend, Bek from MoonyReadsByStarlight. They are a Booktuber, Bookstagrammer, and BookToker who reads a plethora of queer books including non-fiction! Bek is also a bookseller and teacher of Women’s and Gender Studies, so they brought their expertise to recommend some lgbtq+ books for beginners!

I got a question in my Topic Submission form asking me “Do you have tips on finding queer books, or any books really, with good representation?” and I decided to turn it into a full episode! If you have any questions for me or topic suggestions, submit them to the form.

As it is Trans Visibility Week, this is an important conversation between two trans* people. We talk about coming out in our twenties, the first queer books we read, lgbtq+ book recommendations for beginners, and answer the questions you sent in!

This is a great piece of media to consume during #TransVisibilityWeek and I’d really appreciate it if you checked it out!

Watch with captions

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