Slapshot Readathon 2021 Details

Slapshot Readathon 2021 Details hosted by Pucksandpaperbacks

Hi, I’m Alex and I love hockey! My brain consists of books, new ideas, and extensive knowledge about the NHL. In 2019, I created a hockey-themed readathon, the Slapshot Readathon and in this post, you can learn all about the 2021 round.

Originally, the Slapshot Readathon focused on reading hockey books. However, this round and moving forward, I have discontinued that rule and made it optional. You may read hockey or sports books during this readathon, but it is not required.

You can bookmark my page here to learn more about the readathon and be up to date on the challenges, giveaway details and more.

I posted an announcement video addressing all of the details for the Slapshot Readathon below!


Are you participating? Leave your TBRs below! You can ping them to this post, you’re a blogger.


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